Choosing a new bathtub

The bathtub has been overlooked in most new construction; the classic claw foot actually large enough to allow an adult a decent soak are a thing of the past, and the new three walled acrylic inserts with tubs too short and shallow for a full size person to fit comfortably into have become the standard. In order to take a bath, you have jostle around and decide which portion of your body should be submerged at any given time, which is very uncomfortable and profoundly unsatisfying. As a result, soaking in a tub has become a situation instead of a welcome time for relaxation and renovation.

Don’t be concerned, for there is something you can do about this predicament, and this article can help you to begin.
How does one go about selecting the correct bathtub for their situation? Many factors come into play when it comes to picking a choice tub. Functionality is a big consideration; are you looking for a soaking tub, a jetted tub, an air pool tub, or perhaps a combination of these features?
Aesthetics also play a major roll when choosing a bathtub. Looks are important, and what it’s made of determines both functionality as well as style. Acrylic has different practical purposes than cast iron, and the same goes for enameled steel, copper, and other brand-specific available materials.
Specifications such as shape, width, length, and depth are paramount when looking for a tub that will fit your space. Don’t forget important details such as where the drain or tub waste, and faucet holes are located, in case you are looking to use your existing plumbing setup.