How to keep your Bathroom Clean

Bathroom is the place where everyone goes without absent.  It should be neat and clean otherwise it results in infection and diseases. Cleaning a bathroom is not all easy tasks. Below are some of the cleaning tips and preventive measures that will be helpful for you to keep your bathroom clean.


The liquids using for bathroom cleaning are acid base and harmful to skin and affects lungs while inhales. So be careful in choosing the best product for cleaning which won’t affect you. Use appropriate brushes for cleaning. Clean the bath tubs with soap water and allow it to dry. If it is porcelain use all purpose cleaning liquid for cleaning. For cleaning the Shower and tapes apply a few drops of lemon over and rub it thoroughly it removes the heavy strains. After that wipe it and dry it. If shower and tapes are other than silver then use a little amount of tamarind paste with small pinches of salt to clean.

Apply baking soda and vinegar over the toilet bowl and sink to soak and then clean it moves tough stains. For cleaning of mirrors shower the mirror cleaner over it and wipe it with a piece of dry rag.


To keep your bathroom neat you must clean it daily. It’s not possible. So we want to take steps to avoid daily cleaning. Try to rinse the bath tub after bathing and allow them to dry. After cleaning the shower and tapes wipe it with a few drops of oil it repels the water without staying.  Use automatic flush cleaners in flush tanks. Use exhaust fans inside the bathroom to make the room cool by removing some heat inside the room and also reduces the humidity level.  For daily usage, use shower spray after each shower. Keep soap boxes on the sponge which is lying over water resist cover. This makes the soap scum will lie on the sponge and after completely wet the water resist cover protects the place without wet stains.