Ungrounded Outlets – Why Should It Be Checked Periodically by Electricians?

Safety is the common topic you will see electrical contractors Mandurah covering on a regular basis. Why is this so? Well, electricity is volatile by its nature. We have harnessed it, however, nearly any amount of misuse can result in severe damages like fires that can lead to property loss and even potentially fatalities. Ungrounded outlets are one of the common complications we are to talk about now. Have you no idea about ungrounded outlets? Don’t worry, expert electricians are to bring you the basics about grounded and ungrounded outlets here.

What are grounded outlets?

You would have probably seen a lot of grounded outlets but had not known it or thought about it. In a home setup, with safe outlets, you can see three prime configurations. Two are the more extended opening which runs up and down while the last one creates almost a circle under the other two. It is that small one which is very important as it is what makes the outlet a grounded one.

Are grounded outlets imperative?

To understand the significance of grounded outlets, you have to first understand what grounded outlet does. The two vertical ones represent a neutral and a hot wire. The ground wire in the grounded outlet is tied to the neutral vertical slot. It acts as a fail-safe, if anything goes awry with your outlet, like a short the renegade electricity pass safely through the ground wire back to the panel.

Thus without the ground wire, the electricity can pass into materials like fabrics located close to the outlet.

Are ungrounded outlets dangerous?

Yes, it is dangerous that it can dramatically increase property and personal risks. Ungrounded outlets can cause several problems. Hence it is advised to have a professional electrician Mandurah check them periodically. Here are some of the dangers posed by ungrounded outlets.

Electrical fire: With no ground present, the error which occurs with your outlet may cause sparks, and the electric charge can spawn fire along the nearby furniture, fixtures or walls

Health hazard: Ungrounded outlets can pose risks of a shock to personnel operating the electronics or appliances plugged into the outlet.

Property loss: Short out equipment can render your valuable tools and appliances worthless.

Messy wiring: In most of the older homes, it is not uncommon to find a mixture of ungrounded and grounded outlets. This indicates that bit by bit electrical works is done in the past, which are a clear sign of serious electrical problems that should be checked by electrician immediately or can cause many problems in the future.

Is it tough to replace damaged ungrounded outlets?

From the perspective of an electrician Mandurah, it is very simple provided that the wiring in your home is in good shape. As working on ungrounded outlets requires direct contact with potentially dangerous wiring, the work should be handled only by a professional electrician. A professional will handle the job in a surprisingly short amount of time on an affordable cost scale.

So to conclude, if you are worried that you may have ungrounded outlets in your business on your home contact a certified emergency electrician Mandurah now!