About bidets

If you’re asked, “What can you match a bidet with,” you’re response might, as expected, be the toilet. Afterall, they’re both plumbing equipment, they both sit on the ground, and we sit on both of them. Just for the moment, instead of associating a bidet with a toilet, try doing so with the sink. This is a more suitable connection, since they both have to do more with cleaning than anything else. Think of the bidet in this way, and you’ll begin to train your brain to make the right choices. Features of a bidet are a sort of cross between a toilet and a sink. This makes sense when we consider the tasks performed by a bidet. In addition, you’ll find bidets have more in common with conventional toilets than not. You’ll find bidets have rough-ins of 10, 12 or 14 inches rough-in dimensions are the distance from a finished wall or floor to the center of the waste or supply opening or mounting holes. They can be mounted on the floor or into the wall, and feature round or elongated bowls.

There are certain features which are unique to the bidet. Each is equipped with hot and cold handles, a spray and spray control and a pop-up and drain. When buying a bidet, you may have to add the handles and plumbing fixtures that connect to the wall called P-Traps. You can choose from one, three or four handles. In addition, you can also choose your preferred spray orientation: horizontal or vertical. Installing a bidet is relatively easy and doesn’t take immense amounts of technical familiarity to do the job properly. When you’re ready to install a bidet,be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.