Bathroom Design Do’s and Don’t’s

The way your bathroom appears to potential home buyers is crucial if you are to have any chance of successfully selling up for the highest possible price. Studies have shown on a consistent basis that the size and style of the bathroom are amongst the most significant factors in improving resale values, and even if you don’t intend to sell your home just yet it might be a wise investment for the future to ensure your design is both contemporary and neutral. To keep you on the right lines, here are a few tips on what should and should not feature in your bathroom design to improve the value of your home and increase your chances of a sale.


? Choose pastel colours and neutral blends to create a calming atmosphere and show your sense of style? Take your time when choosing bathroom furniture and accessories to ensure you present a united theme

? Opt for a minimalist or contemporary feel to your bathroom

? Use subtle or stylish lighting

? Theme the room in a certain style

? Include plant life and focal points

? Accessorise with complimentary colours

? Include a shower unit and a bath, where possible

? Opt for wooden, vinyl or otherwise hard floors

? Include a towel rail and large wash hand basin

? Use mirrors to reflect light and make the room appear larger


? Choose avocado coloured suites – they’re way out of fashion, and simply look cheap.? Over complicate your room or clutter it up with too many bits and pieces

? Choose something that reflects your own personality – bathrooms with strange interiors won’t add value to your home.

? Skimp on the quality of fittings – they’ll cause more problems more often and stick out as being cheap

? Just have a bathtub – put a power shower in as well for the benefit of your home’s resale value

? Choose a thick pile carpet – they simply aren’t practical for the modern bathroom

? Cut out storage space, but don’t choose traditional medicine cabinets either