Four Reasons to Choose Timber Venetian Blinds over Curtains

There are plenty of options when it comes to window treatments thus leaving the house owner confused and spoilt for choice. In the contemporary times, people seem extremely convinced with the idea of buying timber blinds online and the reasons behind the trend seem quite justifying. Listed below are some of these reasons and they are a must-read for those who are still loyal to the ancient idea of curtains.

1. Sophistication, elegance and class

Timber blinds are an organic beauty that can instantly add a touch of class to the home. Curtains on the other hand do not suit every type of room and are not the right candidate for creating a unique look. When it comes to aesthetic appeal, timber blinds with their multiple colour options, take away the trophy.

2. Easily customisable

Custom made timber venetian blinds can be made to fit the exact preferences of the home owner. From the size of the slats to the colour to the size of the blinds, the timber Venetian window dressing can be customised when you buy blinds online.

3. Spic and span

Timber blinds are easy to maintain and clean than curtains that are easily prone to dirt and dust. Timber blinds must be cleaned frequently and the process is quite simple. This also ensures that at any given point in time, your blinds are certainly cleaner than your blinds.

4. Versatility

Blinds can be applied to any room and can be made to match any type of interior easily. From vintage-styled drawing rooms to contemporary bedrooms, the different colour shades of timber blinds can be mixed and matched to create a unique look.