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Here’s How to Keep Your Awning Looking Good

An awning is a versatile shading structure that provides protection from natural elements throughout the year while helping to transform any space into a functional outdoor living area. Available in a range of materials, colours, and styles, retractable awnings Sydney provide shade and can complement any space, making it look even more appealing. That’s why you will find awnings in every backyard these days.

If you’ve installed one, you might have reaped the benefits it offers, right? But, when was the last time you cleaned your awnings? Probably it was a long time ago or never done at all ever since it was installed. Like other structures, awnings require periodical maintenance to keep them in good shape throughout the year. These tips should help you, please read on:-


Cleaning your awning from time to time might seem to be an overwhelming job. But, it’s one of the best and effective ways to maintain them. You don’t have to clean the awnings with expensive cleaning solutions in the market. All it needs regular dusting and a good wash with your hose. If needed, you can use soap water to clean the dirt and dust from the shading structure. When you do this regularly, you don’t have to buy expensive cleaning stuff.

Scrub the Fabric

If there are stains on the awnings, soak the area with soap solution, scrub, and rinse it with clean water. But, make sure you’re gentle. Use a soft-bristled brush and work the dirt off slowly. Don’t scrub the fabric vigorously as it might cause discolouration and damages in the long term. Take your time. Let the soap do all the work for you. Besides, don’t overdo it. Some stains can’t be removed without chemicals, and using chemicals on the awning fabric isn’t advisable. If it’s not in the visible area, you don’t have to worry much about it. Try to remove the stain with a soft brush as much as possible.

Let It Dry Naturally

It’s essential to let the fabric dry in the natural light. If not, the moisture can damage the fabric permanently, leading to replacement. Let the awning dry completely before retracting. This way, you can prevent moisture from getting trapped inside the fabric, which could cause mildew, mould, and rust problems.

Handle Properly

Handling your awnings plays a crucial role in the lifespan of the structure. Be gentle when retracting and opening your awnings. Even if it’s operated with remote control, try not to break it. Lubricate the moving parts yearly to maintain optimal and quiet operation.

Awnings are a wonderful addition to any home or office. With proper maintenance, awnings can last for a longer period.

These tips should help keep your awning in good shape and looking as good as they were when installed.

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