How Long Does a Paint Job Last? Here’s What You Need to Know

So after careful planning and budgeting, you might have already completed your new house paint job. Or you are thinking about starting the project soon.  If you are curious to know about the longevity of a paint job, there are several factors that determine the same. According to the expert North Shore Painters, a quality pant job typically lasts ten years. Here are some of the factors described below:

Interior Paint Job

Quality of the Paint:

This is perhaps the most important factor. Always go for premium quality paints. Cheaper paints will easily degrade and fade away. When looking for a quality paint, consider factors such as the degree of splatter (The less, the better), and abrasion resistance (the more, the better). When you hire professional painters in North Shore Sydney, they always use only the best quality paint for the job.

Surface Condition:

The lifespan of a paint job will also depend on the surface onto which the painting was done. For a paint to last, it has to adhere with the surface perfectly. If there exist any flaws on the surface such as fungus for instance, or anything else that brings down the ability of the surface to adhere, the paint job is less likely to last. Professional painters are trained to determine these types of flaws and they work towards prepping the wall before application of paint.

Room Condition:

Whilst the interiors are protected from harsh weather conditions, there are other factors that can impact the longevity of the paint job. If you are painting a playroom for children, ensure you use a paint that can resist abrasions. If you are painting a wall in an office, chances are the paint will soon start chipping earlier than expected as large number of people get through.

Exterior Paint Job

UV Rays:

Exterior paint jobs are susceptible to damage due to its exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. This usually leads to fading of colour, regular wear, and cracking of paint. There are paints that inhibit such effects caused by UV rays, so make sure you choose one that offers this capability.

Rapid Fluctuations in Weather:

Another common factor that affects the longevity is the fluctuations in weather and temperature. If the paint is exposed to hot weather for a day and immediate cold weather in the days following it, it can easily deteriorate.

Timing of the Job:

It is not just the quality of paint that affects the longevity of a paint job. It is also about finding the right time to the same. Skilled house painters in North Shore will exactly know when to avoid painting. Painting at the wrong time can significantly decrease the lifespan of it.

These are some of the crucial factors that regulate the longevity of a paint job. In a nutshell, hiring experienced North Shore painters is the best thing you could do in this regard. They do have in-depth knowledge about the materials they should choose and the steps they must take for a long-lasting paint job.