Retractable Roof System Turns An Unused Outdoor Space Into The Perfect Customer Seating Area!

“Creative without strategy is called ‘art’. Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’.”

A beautiful and spacious outdoor seating area can not only boost your restaurant’s appeal but also helps you reach a wider target market, encourage growth in returning customers and give you a chance to try new ventures such as hosting a party or an outdoor event.

The retractable roof system will enable you to convert an unused outdoor space into the perfect place to eat, drink and relax. With a wide choice of fabrics and the opportunity for printing your company logo, you will be sure to find a perfect solution for utilising your outdoor space.

Why Use Retractable Roofs?

Instead of opting for a permanent roof that does not offer any flexibility, the retractable roofs in Sydney lets you control the amount of sunlight or your view uninterrupted. With high-quality, a sturdy, durable material used for manufacturing the retractable roof system, maintenance is easy.

Tips To Help You Create A Perfect Outdoor Seating Area: 

  • Entice your customers with a unique feature or service that they can’t experience inside. If you are into the hospitality industry, you can consider adding a bar or even an outdoor kitchen that serves less formal dishes such as wood-fired pizza or meat straight from the barbeque.
  • Your outdoor area should not compete with your indoor but should be an extension of the quality and style that customers expect from your business. Try to create a complementing atmosphere outside by using similar décor elements when you decorate the outdoor.
  • You cannot control the weather, but you can manage the climate in your outdoor space. Start by adding shade and protection from the sun with objects such as outdoor umbrellas or go for versatile shading products like retractable roof system which can be opened and closed depending on the weather condition.

Commercial Solutions:

  • Restaurants:

The retractable roof systems Sydney offer your guests a comfortable environment that can be used round the clock to enjoy breakfast outside on a spring morning or a drink before dinner. The addition of LED lighting or heating makes the most comfortable of places even more usable.

  • Shops:

The retractable roofs are the most traditional form of shading, weather protection and advertising. Shops can use this roofing system to protect from sunlight and glare.

  • Schools:

The retractable roofs will create limitless opportunities for learning and play around the school grounds. These shading solutions will not only provide you with a peace of mind that children’s skin is continually protected but also allows you to concentrate on developing outdoor activities for learning and fun.

Adding retractable roofs is a cost-effective way to increase the seating space for your business. Whether you location is landlocked or you are on a limited budget, outdoor seating will enhance your curb appeal and attract more customers. So utilise these versatile products wisely!