What types of Blinds & Shades Are Perfect For Your New Home

When you are moving into a new home, it can be quite a task to find the right blinds that suit the exact requirements for you and your family. Sometimes, it can be very confusing to buy them online as there are not only different types but styles, colours and even prices to choose from. If you are lucky, you could get a good deal on the best blinds online.

Here we have mentioned which online blinds will be more suitable for each type of room or setting of your new home:


There are two types of online blinds that can be good for your bedrooms.

The first one is the regular Vertical blind which helps you to block the light coming into the room and easy on maintenance.

The second one is Vertical blind alternatives which have no gap between its slats which ensures that light comes in well through the windows. But they look quite like the Vertical blinds.

You can use the Vertical blinds in either the kid’s room or the master bedroom. However, the Vertical blind alternatives can be used in the living room or drawing room as well.

If your room has a lot of sunlight or you are a late sleeper, the best blind is the Roller/Solar Shades. They are perfect UV protection blinds for open living rooms.

Guest Room/Living Room

Roman Shades are made out of cloth and are given an accordion type fold while you can move up or down. Usually they are more difficult to clean than vertical blinds but you can sometimes take them out and wash them in a washing machine.

They look elegant and would be ideal in a guest room set up or a luxurious living room where you want to give a chic look.

Roman blinds online options can be plenty as many fabric quality types are available online. However, go for something that is not only practical but affordable as well.


Sheer shades are ideal for a kitchen since they can cover your windows as well as give in enough sunlight. This blind is connecting with each other in a horizontal look and is made out of sheer cloth.


For bathroom you should not use wood or faux wood as the moisture can spoil it. So, the best option would be to go for sheer shades else you can also give a try to aluminium blinds which are horizontal and seem less. They are also one of the most durable online blinds.


Online blinds are usually available in three different types– wood, PVC and aluminium. Wood & PVC are more expensive than aluminium. Wooden blinds are ideal for offices wherein for kitchens and bathrooms, PVC is the best. PVC can work well for your bedrooms as it gives the room a soft look.

Den/Office Space

Ideal blind for your den or office space is the wood or faux wood blinds. These blinds are made out of bamboo or maple and can give your room a cosy and comfortable look. You can also get your floor made up with wood or wooden tiles to give your den or an office a perfect feel.