Why Primer is Inevitable for a Commercial Paint Job?

Why Primer is Inevitable for a Commercial Paint Job?

Can you construct a building without a foundation? No! Nor can you do a durable paint job without primer. Primer serves as the foundation of the paint job, and quality commercial paints are made to last and look great. Sure, we all love to see well-painted buildings – but if it looks beautiful and lasts long, it’s because there was primer beneath it all. Expert commercial painters Sydney explain the importance of primer below:

Preparation of the Surface:

Commercial painters Sydney always use a good primer for their projects. It evens out the surface, fills in imperfections and chips, and seals everything all over. Also, with a primer, the paint job is protected against any factors that could cause it to chip or wear away prematurely.

Extends the Life of the Paint:

If you’re looking to invest in high-quality commercial painting Sydney, then you need a primer. A good primer allows paints and specialty coatings to adhere to a new surface, without them wearing out easily. After all, a good quality base coat is going to provide better coverage for your paint on top of it, thus ensuring an exceptionally long lifespan.

Protection from Moisture:

For a lot of commercial paints, moisture can cause serious performance issues. This is where a primer can come to the rescue. In humid areas such as bathrooms, primer is critical in order to prevent moisture staining and paint degradation. It also prevents mould and mildew from growing on areas exposed to high humidity.

Ultimately, using a good quality primer helps protect your commercial paint job and prevents unnecessary expenses in the future. Hire qualified commercial painting contractors Sydney for assistance.