Why Timber Flooring is More Versatile than You Think?

Do you think that timber flooring might not be suitable for your home? If so then think again! For a long period it has been argued that timber is one of the most versatile building materials available, and when it comes to decorating your home, the same can be said for wooden floors.

Timber is the most traditional and versatile construction material that serves equally as a load-bearing structure, cladding and insulation. Timber is renowned for being as a popular construction material due to its good technical properties. Wood is additionally warm, economical, beautiful and ecological.

Here are the few reasons why timber flooring Sydney is more versatile than you think, and why you will love to incorporate it into your next project.


The timber flooring Sydney prices are economical when it comes to versatile flooring option that suits your budget. You can spend little amount or as much as you like, picking from real wood to laminate options, beautiful parquet effect flooring or simple plain planks, the choice is yours. Before you start looking for flooring, get a rough idea of the size of your room, as most of the flooring is priced per square metre so that you will be able to make easy comparisons between the options.


With the wide array of colours and textures available, timber flooring provides so many options when it comes to floorings, making it more versatile flooring available. When you are pricking a new wooden floor, you can specify pretty much every element you want such as the type of wood, grain, length and thickness of planks, finish, and the list goes on and on.

Engineered wood flooring:

With engineered wood flooring options, the number of places you can use timber flooring in your home has increased. The floating timber flooring Sydney combines the best of laminate flooring and solid wood. Since these types of wood floors are easy to install and available in many shades and tones, it can be installed on any kind of floor, can be tailored to fit in your budget and can be matched perfectly to your existing home style.


Another primary reason why timber floorings are versatile is they are environmentally friendly. With the advent of new wood harvesting methods and present rules and regulations followed by tree cutters and controlled foresting practices, wood is one of the most eco-friendly flooring options available in the market. The timbers floors can also be recycled from old timber boards which have been reclaimed from old properties.

The timber flooring in Sydney is a lifetime investment because it not only adds value to the home but also gives aesthetic appeal. A well maintained and properly installed wooden floor will last forever!